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To create an awareness regarding healthcare in the people. Our main aim is to be the most trusted resource for the drug and health related information. We will achieve this by presenting independent, objective, comprehensive and up-to-date information in a clear and concise format for both the people visiting this website and healthcare professionals. It is NOT an online pharmacy and does not condone the sale of prescription medicines over the Internet without a prescription. www.drugskey.comsimply provides a free drug-information service to help you better understand how medicines work in the body and their uses, side effects and their interactions with the other medicines. we will providing diseases information, disease types, list of diseases, names of diseases, common diseases, communicable diseases, fungal diseases, diseases of liver, viral diseases, infectious diseases etc.. ?Taking care of your health is very important. Some of the treatment methods we are posting to manage your health related issues at your home. Symptoms related to diseases will be posted in ourwebsite www.drugskey.com.

The health is the main thing for the people of any field that is the reason we are providing information which is easily able to understand for the any sort of people. Here we are providing discussion forums in that forums you can discuss different types of diseases and treatments, diagnostic tests, area wise best doctors information is posted, best medical companies information is also posted in the website.

We will provideinformation about genetic diseases, and their types, symptoms. We will provide information of lungs and liver diseases, communicable diseases, and also about the diseases due to the drugs. we will give information about importance of health in life, health at home, general healthcare solutions etc. www.drugskey.comalso publishes healthcare content from other sources such as health publications, pharma publications etc.,, . You will get correct guidance for your health problem. Due to the incorrect guidance there are many problems we are facing. As we are observing so many incidents due to lack of proper medical guidance many lives are lost. If you want any information ask in the forums, experts will give the answers. And basically we provide basic things about use of drugs, For example some people suffering with infection then the doctor will prescribe antibiotics. Most of the people after disappearing the symptoms they stop taking medicines, but in case antibiotics there is a specific course duration will be there and have to complete it. Otherwise those antibiotics will not work in our body and their by disease causing microorganisms will gain resistance over the medicines, like this there are different types of topics we have posted in our site that will be helpful in daily life. We will be providing best info regarding medicines and the latest equipment?s used in hospitals, the different types of medicines available in the market. www.drugskey.comis not linked with pharmaceutical companies. The only funding we receive from pharmaceutical companies is due to advertisements that appear on the www.drugskey.comwebsite you can give us your valuable suggestions, queries to improve our services. We will be providing a column for all our visitors and you can chat with us regarding your queries. Creating and maintaining up-to-date medical reference content databases.

Our board is certified physicians, and trained community moderators are solely dedicated to your daily information experience on this site. Our content staff includes individuals who hold advanced degrees in journalism, medical illustration, health communications, clinical informatics, nursing, and medicine and also verifies the qualifications of all medical professionals .We are committed to improve our site. We will be publishing even more content, communities, and services to make your life better, to help you to find a way to face the health related issues, and to help you feel better about your health. To the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility, trust worthiness is keeping us at very important place in your life.

Our Team is highly qualified professionals in the field of diseases and medicines. We will work around the clock to give you useful information though our site: