accommodative esotropia, partially accommodative esotropia, Treatment

(Last Updated On: August 15, 2016)

accommodative esotropia

Many people have the slightly crossed eyes, most of the people will effect with this condition. It is the most common forms of crossed eye.? It is caused by the focusing efforts of the eyes as they try to see clearly. Patients with accommodative esotropia are farsighted (hyperopic, it means the eyes must work harder to see things clearly, This focusing effort is called as accommodation. The object is closer to the eye, the greater the amount of accommodation that is needed. A side effect of the accommodative effort is crossing eyes.

accommodative esotropia

non-accommodative esotropia

Some of the children having large angle convergent, when they are looking closer objects, but the eyes are straight to almost straight when they are looking at a distance target. This is called as a convergence excess esotropia. Children with this type of esotropia have good stereopsis if the strabismus is corrected with glasses or surgery if needed. If no change in the angle of the eyes with long sighted glasses the condition is said to be a non-accommodative esotropia.

accommodative esotropia

partially accommodative esotropia

?In Both cases like the refractive and non-refractive esotropias, do not always show a slight reduction in the esodeviations with same glasses but have a residual esotropia instead of full hyperopic correction. These cases are called partially esotropia and in this type of cases ??Partially accommodative esotropia consist of an esotropia that was initially full accommodative, but later decompensated over

accommodative esotropia treatment

accommodative esotropia

Firstly, the treatment for esotropia involves eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct the refractive error (hyperopia). By letting the eyeglasses do work, the eyes can relax their accommodative effort, this will reduce the crossing stimulus and the eyes will straighten by they relax. Glasses or contact lenses are using to treat esotropia should be worn full time.

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