anteverted uterus: Symptoms, anteverted uterus pregnancy

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what is anteverted Uterus

anteverted uterus?It may be noted that the uterus anteverted consists of two parts, the fundus or the upper uterus and lower cervix. The fundus is larger in women and have been pregnant and delivered a baby, and it is been smaller, during menopause, in women who have never have become pregnant. The cervix measures about two inches or sometimes even more. The uterus occurs on the top and is about the size of a pear. The body of the uterus and the cervix join at the sidewalls of the pelvis with the help of many ligaments. These ligaments are flexible and allow for a minor forward or backward tilt of the uterus. If a woman having two or more vaginal deliveries, then the ligaments tend to be more flexible as compared to women who have never given birth to a child.

 anteverted uterus

What is an anteverted uterus mean

In case if the gynecologist has told that you uterus is tilted, you should not be worried . You are not alone because it is something that happens to many other women. It is not until a scan has been done that many women will know the position of their uterus.

The uterus could be lean forward, straight up, or backward but you have no idea that what it faces unless you are diagnosed by the doctor during a vaginal examination. It is the only way you can know the position of the uterus. While tilting of the uterus may sound scary, but it is ?not a big deal. there are no other complications associated with it.

 anteverted uterus

anteverted uterus symptoms

The main cause of an anteverted uterus is still not known. It is known that the body type and anatomy play a major role. The pelvic area has little space in that body parts can easily move around. The presence of additional space or rubbing of one organ with another can affect the position and placement of the uterus.

Most female newborns tend to a mid-posed uterus, so that, it is placed in a straight. This position can however change, whereas the organ may tilt to any one side, during the normal process of growth. Increased pressure from a growing bladder is what usually causes an anteverted uterus. It is more common than the backward tilt, which occurs when the uterus is pulled from the rectum.

Sometimes, childbirth or pregnancy can trigger the uterus to attain a forward tilt. Even though the uterus expands and stretches to accommodate and create space for the growing baby, the associated pressure that is exerted as well as the baby?s position can result in tilting or tipping.

anteverted uterus pregnancy

There are a large number of women having tilted uterus are likely to be misdiagnosed with miscarriage. Women with this tilted uterus may not see their baby with ultrasound as early as other women. Some report that the gestational sacs are empty for a while before the baby is found.

A tilted uterus may not affect a baby but is can implicate on when a baby is seen. While there may be no scientific study on that tilted uterus may affect the diagnosis of pregnancy, there are some studies, which try to point out that indirectly.

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