bowenoid papulosis: Symptoms, Treatment, Pictures

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Bowenoid papulosis

Bowenoid papulosis is a very rare form of intraepithelial neoplasia. This means pre-cancerous skin condition. It appears as single or multiple red, small, brown colored spots or patches on the surface of genitals of males and females. In females, it is the type of vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia and in males a penile intraepithelial neoplasia.

Bowenoid papulosis symptoms

there are small red, brown colored flat or?warty?lesions appeared on the shaft of the penis and labia in the females. It is also present on the other parts of the genitals as well as around the anus. This condition is symptomless but occasionally these lesions may become inflamed, itchy and painful. The diagnosis is usually made by skin?biopsy.

It tends to spontaneously disappear within the months and if a young woman is pregnant when it is diagnosed and it will disappear after delivery. This is an indication for active treatment because of the chance of developing skin cancer.

Bowenoid papulosis hpv

If the person infected with HPV, he becomes a lifelong carrier of that virus and the chances of recurrence of both Bowenoid papulosis and intraepithelial cancers in the genital area is possible.

Bowenoid papulosis treatment

This disease mainly runs as a?course with many cases spontaneously occurring, the treatment is unnecessary. Lesions should be re-examined every 3-6 months so that any changes may be able to be picked up early.

If the lesions appear, treatment of ?this disease is the same as of genital warts. This is the destruction of the lesions by many several medical procedures. Frequent checks are necessary after the treatment to ensure the condition has completely treated.

Bowenoid papulosis pictures


bowenoid papulosis

bowenoid papulosis

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