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Brachymetatarsia short toe is a condition where there is a growth disturbance in the foot bone creating a short toe.? A fourth short toe is a most common condition; thereby it could affect any of the toes.? The toe itself is normal length, but the bone to which toe attaches, the arch (metatarsal bone) is short.? A really short toe can be described as a floating toe.


Brachymetatarsia surgery

Many methods have been there but three techniques are using now.

Sliding Bone-cut lengthening:

This is used for mild cases. It involves making an angle cut on the metatarsal bone to lengthening the bone by shifting the cut bones to one another. The small amount of length can be gained.

Bone-graft lengthening:

It is a common stage method where the toe length is achieved by inserting a structural bone graft into the short bone. The bone graft size is determined is based on the amount of length that is needed.? There is a limit that how much length can be obtained with this method as well. It will consider this method for toes that need less than one centimeter of length, it consists one toe.? The bone grafted with another bone plate and screws that in the foot. The use of this bone grafts from the patient?s own heel bone.


Brachymetatarsia External Fixator lengthening:

Think of this a bone stretching method. It is a method to gain any amount of length. It a bone cut to that preserves the blood supply (metatarsal corticotomy) to an external fixator is attached to the bone to stretch the bone apart over a period of the time.? The patient turns the device 4 times in a day to slowly grow the bone until good length is reached, then the fixator is removed.

brachymetatarsia surgery cost

The most experts have claimed that Brachymetatarsia surgery has a range from $10,000 to $45,000 without any insurance.?The costs are depending on the surgeon, condition, facility and inclusions in the bill.

the cost of brachymetatarsia surgery could be more than $40,000

On the other hand, the cost of toe shortening and lengthening is $750 to $1,000 per toe.

brachymetatarsia treatment ? ??brachymetatarsia

Wear supportive shoes
Use an arch support
Wear shoes with a wide toe box
Modify activities
Spot stretch shoes

?Non-surgical treatments

??Anti-inflammatory Medicines: medicines to decrease pain and inflammation.

  • Splints or Pads: Some of the specific pads may prevent pressure and physical irritation in shoes.



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