candidal balanitis: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, Cure

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candidal balanitis

It is the inflammation of head (glans) of the penis, Posthitis is an inflammation of the foreskin of the penis. This skin on the?penis is loose and skin that covers the head. If the male has not done with circumcision. In Balanoposthitis, both the glans and the foreskin of the penis are inflamed. Candidal Balanitis is also meant that inflammation of the clitoris.

It can occur at any age, mostly it affects the boys under the age of four years and also males of adult age, who are have not have been circumcised. It is a very common condition, affects 1 in every 25 boys and 1 in 30 uncircumcised males. It is rare in circumcised adult males.


The area surrounded by the glans is?red
Inflammation of the glans
Soreness of glans
Irritation of glans
The thick discharge
Itching at the glans area
Unpleasant smell
Phimosis – the foreskin is tight and does not retract
Urination became Painful
The?symptoms of this disease are similar to the sexually transmitted infections

Balanitis causes

Skin condition

There is a skin disease known as Lichen planus causes?itching, small, pink spots on the hands and legs.
Dermatitis-It is an inflammation of the skin which is caused by direct contact with the irritant.
Eczema- A skin condition, the skin becomes reddened, itchy, cracked and dry.

Irritation also caused by:

perfumed soaps
shower gels
Some fabricated conditioners
Some of the detergents, if not completely rinsed
Some chemicals that exist in lubricants, condoms, and spermicides

Germs on the skin all the time and do not cause any problems because their numbers are small.

There are 2 types of infection can cause balanitis:

Candida is a?fungus.
Bacteria, which may multiply rapidly in the favorable?conditions of the foreskin. Washing and drying the penis carefully, and no moisture remains under the foreskin, helps to reduce the risk. The heavy washing of the genitals with soap is the strong?factor for balanitis.

Diabetes patients are more likely to have this infection. If glucose is in urine, some of it can accumulate on the foreskin. It?helps bacteria to undergo division more rapidly.


The condition was the foreskin of the penis is very tight and it is very difficult to?retract it. Urine and other substances are accumulated under the skin, cause irritation and allowing germs to multiply. It is a rare condition.

Unprotected sex

If the woman has a vaginal infection, the?male can get that infection and can increase the risk of developing an infection. Genital Chlamydia, herpes, and syphilis may also cause balanitis.

candidal balanitis treatment

Treatment mainly depends on the cause. In many cases the doctor will advise the substances should avoid, and give the information on hygiene.

If the inflammation is due to an allergic reaction, the doctor may prescribe a mild steroidal cream, 1% hydrocortisone, for swelling. Antibiotic medication may be prescribed. If there is an infection the patient should not use a steroid cream. All soaps should be avoided during treatment, and until signs and symptoms have disappeared.

Candida, if the infection is due to yeast, the doctor will prescribe an antifungal cream, such as clotrimazole and miconazole. The sex partner of the patient should also be treated. While treatment is going on, he should either avoid sex or use a condom.

Bacterial infection – the patient will prescribe an antibiotic, like erythromycin and penicillin.

Phimosis – if the patient has a tight foreskin and the balanitis keeps coming back, the doctor might suggest circumcision.

candidal balanitis cure

Wash the ends of the penis each day. Pull the foreskin of the penis back gently while in the bath or shower. Then clean gently glans using water.
If the infection is due to the usage of the condom, use a condom which is designed for sensitive skins.
Wash your hands before going to the toilet, if you deal with the chemicals which can cause irritation.
Use the condom every time, when you have sex with a new sexual partner.

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