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CARDITONE, it?is a combination of extracts Rauwolfia, which has been used traditionally to maintain blood pressure (B.P) and support heart function. Carditone is also having calming properties, due to the presence of?Convolvulus pluricaulis?and rose powder.?Terminalia arjuna?is used to support heart health and has high levels of antioxidants;?Tribulus terrestris?and?Boerhaavia diffusa?are considered to?support the?kidneys.


?carditone side effects

The main side effect at proper dosages is nasal congestion which occurs in 5-10% of the patients. A most common side effect of many blood pressure medicines is impotency; this appears to be less common with reserpine than with certain other hypertensive drugs and frequently lower than in patients taking a placebo pill. It was published in the journal General Internal Medicine 1991.

carditone blood pressure

Some of the antihypertensive drugs including diuretics which increase cholesterol. Some of the common diuretics like hydrochorothiazide are increased cholesterol. Reserpine used to reduce levels of cholesterol in the body.


A single dose once in a day, all that is needed. Because reserpine is a long-acting agent, when a person misses a dose or discontinues the entire medication, their blood pressure does not go up rapidly.

One consequence of high blood pressure causes enlargement of the muscle of the heart. Reserpine helps to get the normal size of the heart.

Magnesium lowers the blood pressure immediately when we give intravenously. Magnesium, when taken orally for several months, will lower the blood pressure.

?carditone for high blood pressure

The roots of rauwolfia plant are very effective in lowering high blood pressure. It is been used in India for the thousands of years ago. It is the first drug used for the high blood pressure in western medicines. Due to high dosing and research errors, rauwolfia was dropped and started using newer antihypertensive drugs. Every drug having their own side effects and over the past thirty years we have a success over high blood pressure medications, each one is designed to improve the disadvantages of the previous drugs, and all becoming more expensive.


High doses of reserpine can cause depression. As the time goes on and it was discovered that people did very well with lower doses, four types of different studies showed that reserpine at proper doses does not cause any depression. Patients who are taking 25 and 5 mg of reserpine daily had no difference in the depression than did patients taking guanethidine, methyldopa, thiazide, or a beta-blocker such as propranolol.

Another result of the high doses used causes duodenal ulcers. Again, with proper dosing, the proper dosing reserpine does not lead to ulcers. In one study reported that stomach upset is occurred in 1.5% of patients taking reserpine compared with 7.7% of patients taking the metoprolol, a beta-antagonist. Another study revealed that those patients taking reserpine were less likely to be hospitalized for peptic ulcer disease than were people who did not take it. This study.

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