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ecchymosis medical definition

Ecchymosis is mainly characterized by a red or blue discoloration of the skin that not caused by a medical condition. The red or blue discoloration of the skin is mainly due to the escape of blood from ruptured blood vessels into the capillaries.


It is a hematoma that is larger than 10mm or more than 1cm in diameter. It is the blood which is coming out of the thin layer of the skin that result of a ruptured blood vessel causing the blood to leak into the layers of the skin. It is sometimes mistaken diagnosed as a bruise but the two are entirely different. The bruise is a blood leaking into the thin layer of the skin due to the trauma and It occurred spontaneously as of a noticeable medical condition.

ecchymosis icd 9

  • ICD-9-CM?782.7?is a medical code it is used to indicate a diagnosis of a ?claim of reimbursement; however,?782.7?should only be used for claims with a date of service on or before September 30, 2015. For claims with a date of service on or after October 1, 2015, use an equivalent?ICD-10-CM codes.
  • You are seeing the 2013 version of ICD-9-CM?782.7.
  • More recent version of ICD-9-CM?782.7:?2014?2015.
  • ecchymosis in fetus or newborn (772.6)

ecchymosis causes

It is not a condition or disorder, it is harmless. It is a symptom of one or more serious noticeable medical condition that needs medical treatment and intervention. The ecchymosis can be a very mild inflammatory response of the body or can be a more dangerous medical condition.


It is the result of blunt trauma that is caused the blood vessels to ruptured and seep into the thin layer of the skin or in the mucus membrane in the absence of break in the skin to allow the blood to go out of the skin surface. The accumulation of blood in the skin layers causes the reddish discoloration of the skin.

Some of the medical conditions results ecchymosis includes the following:


Leukemia?is a malignant tumor of the blood cells or the tissue that produces blood. Bruising and bleeding are among the symptoms of leukemia including the ecchymosis. The increase in the levels of white blood cells increases the development of ecchymosis.

Acute renal failure

This is the loss of the functions of the kidney. The inability of the kidney to perform its function of releasing the waste from the body leads to the accumulation of waste product in the blood. Ecchymosis is the potential result of waste accumulation in the blood due to the abnormalities that resulted from the degeneration of the kidneys.

ecchymosis vs hematoma

It is a purple or red discoloration of the skin due to leakage of red blood cells from small rupturing blood vessels.? A hematoma is a collection blood in the tissues.? A hematoma has substance in it can be felt when it is touched, and often symptoms, like pain or tenderness, in case of this disease does not haves.

ecchymosis treatment

It resolves without any treatment and can be managed at home itself. The ecchymosis is associated with severe pain and it requires medical treatment. Treatment of ecchymosis depends on the severity of the condition.

Treatment of this disease includes the following:



It?promotes tissue healing so that it requires rest to the tissue repair and healing of this disease condition.


Pain relievers:

Such as ibuprofen and other form of analgesics can help to reduce the pain which is associated with the treating of this disease.

Ice application:

By it vasoconstriction of the ruptured blood vessels occurs, which in turn prevents spreading of this disease to the nearby unaffected areas of the body.



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