exfoliative cheilitis, Symptoms, Causes, Cure & Treatment

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Exfoliative cheilitis condition of the skin that involves the lips. It is mainly characterized by persistent peeling of the lips which include dryness and flaking of the lips. This continuous peeling off of the lips will lead to revealing raw skin and later the symptoms like burning crack and pain.

Exfoliative Cheilitis Symptoms

The peeling of the lip will reveal a raw skin which in turn will leave a burning sensation and pain. There may also be hemorrhagic as a result of bleeding. The lip will also have flaking which can be unappealing that may cause embarrassment.

exfoliative cheilitis

Other symptoms of exfoliative cheilitis may include the following:

  • Ulceration or fissuring of the lip
  • Discoloration of the lip
  • Itching and burning sensation on the affected lip
  • Dryness of the lips
  • Lip swelling
  • Tingling sensation over the affected part of the lip

exfoliative cheilitis causes

The main cause of exfoliative cheilitis is still unknown although several factors are being considered that triggered this disease.

exfoliative cheilitis

Factitious damage

It?is one of the important factors? which can cause the onset of exfoliative cheilitis. It is a condition where factors that lead to the onset of exfoliative cheilitis includes constant lip sucking, lip licking, lip biting, lip picking, and mouth breathing.

Poor oral hygiene

it is another factor considered to cause this disease. Poor oral hygiene can give rise to pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, and virus to proliferate, and result in harmful effects in the body including the abnormal peeling off of the lips.

HIV infection

it is another factor associated with exfoliative cheilitis. The immunodeficiency acquired by the patient is for attacking various skin problems including exfoliative cheilitis. The immune system of HIV patients is basically weak there by many diseases and disorders can attack them as their immune system is generally compromised and attacking even the healthy cells of the body.

?Depressed immunity

it is one of the main causes of this disease where the keratin is mistakenly recognized as a foreign body. The immune system will mistakenly clear off the keratin thereby resulting in inflammation, while the body is removing the inflamed tissue from the body thus the result of lip peeling off.

?Nutritional deficiency

it is believed to be the main cause of this disease. The deficiency can either be primary or secondary cause both of which can result in the defective formation of keratin. Primary deficiency is the result of a long-term nutrient deficiency in the diet while secondary deficiency is the result of malabsorption in the small intestine.

exfoliative cheilitis cure

exfoliative cheilitis

the cure for exfoliative cheilitis It has no specific cure but recent research and studies suggest that?Calendula officinalis be successful in treating this disease. Calendula officinalis is commonly known as?common marigold. It is natural in warmer parts of the world. The extract of this plant is believed to have an anti-genotoxic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

Topical Tacrolimus?is another treatment of this disease. It belongs to macrolide lactones and is given orally or applied topically. This drug can be injected into the patient found to be successful in treating inflammatory skin conditions.

exfoliative cheilitis treatment

This disease can resemble other skin conditions. it is necessary to identify exfoliative cheilitis from other skin condition before the treatment. it ?is usually unresponsive to treatment and this is a chronic condition, it may require a long-term treatment period and careful prevention and management of the condition from recurring.

This disease has no specific treatment but there are several methods which can help in alleviating the symptoms.

exfoliative cheilitis

  • Practice good oral hygiene
  • Application of lip balm at least twice a day is necessary
  • Take vitamins and other supplements to restore the nutrient to the body
  • Intake of organic fruits and vegetables as a regular diet
  • A cold compress with water is beneficial for the treatment of exfoliative cheilitis
  • Drink plenty of water to keep the body well hydrated and to keep the lips moist as well

The goal of treatment is also aimed towards the condition that contributed to the incidence of exfoliative cheilitis.

Treatment of this disease may include the following:

  • Antifungal creams are intended to cure fungal infections such as for the overgrowth of yeast in the case of exfoliative cheilitis
  • Topical steroids are beneficial for controlling many types of skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and exfoliative cheilitis
  • Systemic steroid
  • Antibiotics
  • Sunscreen
  • Keratolytic lip balm

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