Fordyce Spots On Lips, Labia, Shaft & Treatment and Home Remidies

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Fordyce spots are small red, raised, yellow-white spots that appear on the shaft of the penis, the labia (lips), scrotum, or the vermilion border of the lips of a face. They can also be found on the foreskin of the penis.

The border of the lips is the sharp between the red part of the lip and the normal skin on the face.

Fordyce Spots

These spots are very common in both males and females. These spots are not associated with any disease. Dermatologists say that due to cosmetic concern only some people who have these spots are not happy with how they effect on the look.

Doctors say that Fordyce spots are naturally occurred on the body and are not due to any infections. Some of the men having believe that, if they have STI (sexually transmitted infection) or?cancers?in the body, these spots are harmless.

Symptoms of Fordyce spots:

These spots are of 1 to 3 mm in diameter seen on the following:

Inner lining of the mouth

Labia (in females).

Scrotum (in males)

Shaft of the penis (in males)

Where the lips on the face meet the skin of the face


These spots are painless and do not create itching. They are abnormally dilated blood vessels, covered by skin. In some cases they made bleed during or after intercourse.

Fordyce spots on lips causes:

These spots are caused due to sebum which is the natural oil of the skin. This oil gets blocked in a sebaceous gland that does not have hair. In most of the cases these glands open into a hair follicle and its oil is secreted out through the hair shaft. But in the case of Fordyce spots, there is no hair means there is no way to discharge the natural body oil secretions. Therefore these can cause of the bumps.

Fordyce spots Diagnose:

It is not common for patients with Fordyce spots on their lips and go to several dermatologists and plastic surgeons and find that only a less are able to identify what they are and to provide information regarding their causes possible treatments.

Fordyce spots on lips:

The Fordyce spots on labia. They are painless, small, pale spots of 1 to 3 mm in diameter. These bumps are harmless, but are big concern for cosmetic reasons. Here are images, photos and pictures of Fordyce lip spots to help you distinguish them from pimples, cold sore bumps and herpes viruses.

Fordyce Spots

Fordyce spots on shaft:

The penis belongs to the male human anatomy, consists of the head or the glans and the shaft, which is the long part of the penis; the areas for the Fordyce spots to appear are on the glans and the shaft and even on the scrotum.

Fordyce spots on Labia:

Fordyce spots on the vagina are harmless and there is no medical reason to seek treatment. The appearance of Fordyce spots around the vaginal labia can be embarrassing to sufferers, and not them to try and find a cure. Fortunately, there are many product on the market that can help to reduce the appearance of vaginal Fordyce spots.

Fordyce spots Treatments:

Dermatologists and physicians (general practitioners, family doctors) says that Fordyce Spots are normally occurred and are not dangerous for health.

Fordyce Spots

Electro desiccation:

Electro desiccation or CO2?laser are used in making the spots less visible, if the patient’s concern is purely cosmetic purposes. It is having some degree of success rate.

Pulsed dye lasers:

These are very effective in some cases. This is a laser treatment used for sebaceous gland hyperplasia or a skin disorder of the sebaceous glands or an enlarged oil gland. This technique is expensive, pulsed dye lasers tend to leave scars than other methods. It is not effective for all patients.

Topical creams and gels:

These spots may also remove by using topical creams, gels. The most used Fordyce removal cream is Tretinoin. This cream is applied to the area affected several times a day. It?s quite effective in reducing the size of the Fordyce spots.

Fordyce Spots

Many of the creams are used to treat Fordyce spots contain Alpha Hydroxy acid. This acid contains exfoliation properties. When it is applied to the affected area, it will remove top layers of the skin expose the sebaceous glands. It?s usually recommended that patients avoid using creams on sensitive areas such as the lips.

Complications associated with Fordyce spots

The patients with severe Fordyce spots on the lips or on the face, there is a risk of?anxiety?and depression, because these are the first things people look at. The spots can affect people emotionally.

Those with severe symptoms in their genitals may be concerned about what their sexual partners might think. In some cases, the spots may bleed if injured or during intercourse.

How to get rid of Fordyce spots at home:

Coconut Oil

One of the best treatments available for Fordyce spots is using coconut oil which is a natural moisturizer. The spotting also occurs due to dehydration gets visibly reduced after the application of coconut mixed with an essential oil like lavender oil for the decreasing Fordyce spots on the skin.

Fordyce Spot

Increase Vitamin Intake

Fordyce spots can be removed naturally by taking certain diet that is having proper intake of vitamin rich foods. Daily intake of vitamins will surely reduce the spotting and the best fruit to consume for this spots is Orange. Broccoli can also be included in the diet for reducing the spots particularly on lips.

Drinking Water

The easy solution is water, universally pure and simple to take. Water prevents dehydration problem and boosts the immune system to fight against germs that can easily cause the spotting on the sebaceous glands. If your mouth is dry then make sure you drink water at least 8-10 glasses a day to prevent this condition.


This herbal tonic is the best. It can be taken as Turmeric powder (about 1/4th tablespoon) mixed with apple cider vinegar is an effective solution that can be applied to the inflamed skin. Turmeric is an antiseptic, antibacterial and antipyretic properties that reduce bacterial growth on the skin.

Fordyce Spots

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that prevents bacterial growth and relieves the inflammation of the skin. It is one of the best remedies to try since it doesn?t have any kind of side effects to the skin.

Aloe Vera Gel

One of the most natural forms of treatment Fordyce spots is by cutting through a stalk of Aloe Vera plant. The gel that is produced should be directly applied on the inflamed skin; the plant having antibacterial, antifungal properties. It is also useful in treating urinary tract infections and several skin disorders.


This antiseptic agent, it is generally used in home remedies to cure respiratory and skin infections. Honey is used as a soothing agent for skin irritations and because of its anti-bacterial properties; it is quite a useful for treating Fordyce spots. You can always mix honey with an essential oil for ease of application.

Fordyce Spots


Natural disinfectant is Lemon which treats bacterial infections especially on the dermis of the skin. If you?re having blackheads or pimples, Lemon extract is a useful source. The easily available ingredient can be squeezed to form a pulp that can be applied on the inflamed skin regularly to treat Fordyce spots fast.


Fresh flowers of Chamomile help to treat itching or inflamed skin spots and are well known topically applied treatments. Chamomile is one of the best herbal remedies. Like other flowers like Calendula or Arnica that doesn?t cause any side effects for individuals with sensitive skin. This flower treats hives,?sunburn?and reduces Fordyce spots within a few weeks.

Fordyce Spots


One of the strongest home remedies for Fordyce spots. Garlic contains antioxidants that are basically removing free radicals from the body with anti-inflammatory property to shrink the spots. You can always consume boiled water with garlic drips for an immediate effect or mix the powder in the food.

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