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microcephaly is the birth defect where a baby head is smaller then expected when compared to babies of the same sex and age, babies with this disease often have a smaller brains that might not been developed properly.

During pregnancy, a baby head grows because the brain inside also grows, This disease can occurred because the thebrainhas not developed properly during pregnancy or may be stopped , growing after birth causes samller head size.The? Severe condition of this disease is a most extreme ?in which the baby brain is much smaller then expected .This disease can can result because a baby?s brain has been not developed properly during pregnancy or the brain started to devolp correctly and then was damaged at some point during pregnancy.

Babies with This disease can range of other problems , depending on how severe their diseaseis, this disease ?is linked with the several other? problems :

  • Seizures
  • Development is delayed, such as problems with speech or the problems with the other like standing, sitting, and walking.
  • Intellectual disability ( decreased ability to learn and function in daily life)
  • Problems with movement and balancing
  • Feeding problem,such as difficulty in swallowing
  • Hearing loss
  • Vision problems

These problems can be ranging from the mild to severe are often lifelong. Because the baby?s brain is small and undeveloped, babies with the this disease ,we can?t predict the problems which are acquired from the childs birth, babies with this disease often need close follow up through regular checkup with the health care provider to monitor their growth and development


This disease is not a common condition, the cases has been filed that it ranges from the 2 babies per 10,000live birth to about 12 babies per 10,000 live births in the united states.

Microcephaly Causes :

Most of the time it happens because of an inherited defect in a gene that interfere with the brains maturing and growing.

  • There is also evidence that, in some cases this disease is caused by something that effects the mother during pregnancy. These factors can include :
  • Substance abuse ?
  • Inadequate nutrition
  • Exposure to certain viruses
  • Exposure to certain chemicals
  • Brain injury to the baby after pregnancy
  • Lack of oxygen supply to the brain
  • Neurological disorders


Microcephaly symptoms:

The main symptom of this disease is a head size that is much smaller then the normal for the child?s age and gender.

Other symptoms include:

Poor appetite

Usually high pitched crying

Involuntary muscle movement

Not every child will show the symptoms of? This disease.

If there is no genetic link to the disease , expectant mothers can lesser their chances of having a baby with this disease by avoiding the following during pregnancy:

  • Use of drugs
  • Abuse of prescribed medication
  • Poor nutrition
  • Exposure to highly reactive chemicals

Microcephaly Diagnosis :

This disease is diagnosed during pregnancy or after the baby is born

During pregnancy:

This disease can sometimes be diagnosed with an ultrasound test , to check wheather the child inside having this disease , can be gone with an ultrasound test late in the 2nd trimester or early in the third trimester

After the baby is born:

To diagnose this disease after birth , a healthcare provider will measure the distance around a newborn baby ?s head .

During the physical exam , the provider then compares this measurement to population standards by sex and age. Head circumference growth charts for newborns , infants, and chidrenupto the age 20yrs. Head circumference growth charts based on gestational age age at birth.

Healthcare provides should take the head circumference measurement when the newborn is at atleast 24hrs old.if the healthcare provider suspects the baby this disease he or she can request one are more tests to help confirm the diagnosis .

For example, special tests like a CT scan or an MRI can provide critical information on the structure of the baby?s brain that can helps to determine if the newborn baby had infection during pregnancy. They also can help the healthcare provider look for the other problems that might be present.


Microcephaly Treatment:

This disease? is a life long condition . there is no known cure or standard treatment? ?for this disease . becausethis disease can be milder to severe treatment options as well. Babies with mild Microcephaly will do not have any other problems other then small head size.these babies will need routine check-ups to monitor their growth and development.

For more severe Microcephaly , babies will need and treatment focused on managing their other health problems, developmental services early in life will often help babies with This disease to improve and maximize their physical and intellectual abilities.

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