pneumonia : symptoms,causes,types,treatment methods ,tests

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pneumonia information

Pneumonia definition:

Pneumonia is the lung infection that makes you very sick, you may cough,? run a fever, and have hard time breathing . for most of the people? This disease can be treated at home , it is often clears in a 2-3 weeks but the adults, babies and the people with other diseases may became severe ,they may need hospitalized .

You can get This disease at the school or at work in daily basis , this is called community ?associated with This disease, it may be more severe because you already ill,

Usually ,this disease?? starts when you breathe the? gems into your lungs, you may be more likely to effect by the disease after having a cold or the flu. These illness will make it hard for your? lungs? to fight with the infections, having a long term and chronic diseases like asthma , heart disease, caner or diabetes can make you get? This disease

Pneumonia Symptoms:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Fast breathing and feeling short of breath
  • Chilling effect
  • Chest pain
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Feeling very tired or very week
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarea

The older people may different symptoms or fewer or milder symptoms .the main sigh of the This disease in the old people is changing the way they think .

Confusion delirium is common or if they have already a lung disease ,the disease may worse. Symptoms caused by the virus and the symptoms caused by the bacteria are same. The symptoms of This disease are ranging from the mild to the life threatening .


Pneumonia types:

There are five major types of Pneumonia they are as follows :

  • Bacterial Pneumonia :


These can effect anyone at any age ,it can be develops on its own or after a serious cold or flu. The most common cause of bacterial Pneumonia is by the oraganism streptococcus Pneumoniae ,it is also caused? due to the , it is some times seen in the persons with less or low immunity,

  • Viral Pneumonia:

In most cases respiratory viruses can cause This disease, especially in young children and the elderly people.this Pneumonia is not serious usually lasts a short time, its especially harmful for the pregnancy women or the individuals with the heart diseases.

  • Mycoplasma Pneumonia:

Mycoplasma organisms are not viruses? orbacterias ,they are the smallest agents of disease that effect humans.

  • Other types of Pneumonia:

Many additional types of This disease affect immune compromised or low immunity individuals , tuberculosis is the first disease which get when the persons immunity is low

Less common types of the This disease can also be serious .This disease can be caused by the inhaling food ,dust, liquid, gas as well as by fungi.

Pneumonia Causes :

Many differnent germs can cause This disease, there are five main causes of This disease are:




Other infectious agents such as fungi

Various chemicals

Pneumonia Diagnosis? :

This disease can be produced as the cause of an illness because it often resembles a cold or flu. To determine whether or not you have This disease, doctors will easily enquire about your sign and symptoms, and by proceeding for certain test are as follows:

  • Physical test:

Cracling and bubbling during the time of inhalation and exhalation in the chest indicates This disease, wheezing may also present , your doctor may also having trouble in hearing

  • Diagnostic test:


Chest x-ray can used to determine if infection is present in your lungs , however chest x-ray won?t show your type of Pneumonia, blood test can provide clear picture of a type of This disease

  • Other tests:


*ACT scan

*Sputum test

*A pulse oximetry test


Pneumonia Treatment:

The type of treatment is based on the type This disease present in the body, in many cases the This disease can be treated at home


General treatment :

The typical treatment plan for the This disease includes taking all the prescribed medications and participating in the follow up care. A chest x-ray is done, because to check ,if this disease present in the body is successfully treated or not .

Bacterial Pneumonia treatment:

Antibiotics were used to treat this type of This disease, antibiotics should be taken as directed by the physician, if you stopped the medication because the disease is cured ,This disease may return

Treating viral Pneumonia :

Antibodies are useless, if a virus is the cause of This disease, however certain antiviral drugs can help to treat the condition , symptoms can be cleared within one are two weeks.

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