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Kiran asked 4 years ago
(Last Updated On: June 2, 2016)

Hi please provide any pharmacy related jobs information? And which field is good pharma industry or medical coding pharmacovigilance. ..

prolabworld replied 4 years ago

present somany medical coding jobs are there for freshers, chennai,banglore,..if any body interested ,..mail me,

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chandra answered 4 years ago
(Last Updated On: June 17, 2016)

hi friends now a days in pharmacy field getting job is very difficult in india each and every company asking experience,at present medical coding jobs are more compare with other jobs,and salary also good in this field ,freshers easily get 10000 to 15000 starting salary after 6 months exp they will get more than 20k,and suppose if they have more than 5-8 years exp they will get more than 80000 per month thats why everyone is preffering this field,
after that medical coding ,pharmacovigilance field is good almost all software companies also having pharmacovigilance department thats why more no of jobs available inthis field they will ask experince,first entry lil bit difficult, once if u get job growth is very good,
after that core jobs:
different departments are there in industry:production
regulatory affairs
formulation research and development
quality assurance
quality control
clinical research
medical writing
medical transcription
depend on your intrst you can select any one field,each and every field entry is lil bit difficult once you enter in company depend on your experience your salary also increase
depend on present situation jobs wise openings wise medical coding,pharmacovigilance,clinical data management,jobs are good if you have any doubts,..ask here,…

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