rhomboid muscle pain: Symptoms, Exercises, Treatment

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2016)

Rhomboid Muscles

Location of the rhomboid muscle pain is found between the spine and the scapula in the mid- back region. It is deep to the Trapezius muscle and is consist of the rhomboid major?and?rhomboid?minor?muscles. The function of the rhomboid muscles is to position the scapula during various movements of the shoulder and arm. The structure of?the rhomboid minor is smaller than and present above (superior to) the rhomboid major. Both muscles originate from the thoracic spine with their fibers running downward and outward to attach the inside border of the scapula.

rhomboid muscle pain

  • The?rhomboid minor origin from the spine processes of C7 and T1 and attaches to the medial border of the scapula at the root of scapular spine.
  • The?major rhomboid?origin from the spine processes of T2 to T5 and attaches along the lower half of the scapular border.

Rhomboid muscle strain

The rhomboid muscles in the upper back connect to the inner edges of shoulder to your spine. A strain is a stretch or tear of these muscles. A rhomboid spasm is a sudden tightness of the muscle that you can?t control.

Rhomboid muscle Pain

Pain as Caused by Strained Rhomboid Muscles Neck and shoulder pain is by together or individually, depending on the source of pain and the parts of muscles involved in it. Studies also demonstrated that neck and shoulder pain are constitute about half of the prevalence of lower back pain. Overall the neck and shoulder pain counts

Rhomboid Muscle Strain Causes

The rhomboid muscles become weak, strained because it is being?overused, or because of your bad posture.

Activities like hiking, rowing where you have a heavy backpack on the shoulder, and the other activities that require over-the-head exertion like serving a tennis ball or even reaching to an object which is kept at a higher shelf can strain the rhomboid muscles.

rhomboid muscle pain

Rhomboid muscle exercises

Neck and Upper Back Stretch exercise

Lock the fingers of hands and stretch them forward to the chest level with the palms of both the hands facing forward in locked position. Now bend your neck down like that your chin is touching the chest and hold this position for 2-3 minutes. You can try moving your neck up and down for the extra stretching and keep your hands outstretched in the front of fingers in locked position.

Neck Tilt Exercise

Stand straight and slowly tilt you neck to the side such that the ears are above the shoulder and not in front of your shoulder. And also avoid raising your shoulder. Be in the same position for 5-6 seconds and tilt your neck to the other side. Repeat this exercise for 8-10 times.

Neck Rotation Exercise

Stand straight and slowly rotate the neck to one side like your chin is right above the shoulder. Hold for a second and then rotate the neck to another side following the same procedure. Repeat this exercise 8-10 times.

rhomboid muscle pain treatment:

Rest is very important for the healing of this pain. The patient should try to relax and rest. The tear in muscle occurs as a result of the body is straining against the resistance. If the patients do anything strenuous then it causes more tears, which will affect the recovery process of pain.

rhomboid muscle pain

  • To reduce swelling due to the pain, medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin help with the swelling, but also in relieving the pain. These medications help in reducing the swelling by thinning of the blood.
  • Cold compressing also help in the decreasing of rhomboid muscle pain and swelling. Application of ice bags wrapped should be done for not more than 20 minutes at a time.
  • One way of gently stretching is helped with the rhomboid muscle is that interlacing the fingers behind the back and gently and slowly pushing them out back.
  • This method of stretching is to hold one arm across the chest. This arm should be brought closer to the other arm, you can feel a gentle stretching in the upper back.

Prevention of Rhomboid Muscle Pain

The person who have experienced this pain. Some of the tips to prevent rhomboid muscle pain include:

  • Always warm up before starting any type of exercises, warming up helps in loosening of the muscles and improve blood circulation and thereby preventing any serious injury.
  • It is advised to exercise indoors in very cold climates.
  • Practice proper technique while playing sports, climbing or lifting.
  • Training not only helps in increasing the flexibility and overall strength but also helps in preventing muscle tearing in the future.

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