swollen uvula: Causes, Sore Throat, Remedies, Treatment

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(Last Updated On: August 14, 2016)

swollen uvula

A swollen uvula is a very rare condition. Inflammation will cause this swelling; this is not a serious or life-threatening condition, but it can be uncomfortable and annoying.

swollen uvula

A uvula is a hanging flesh resembling the punching bag at the back of the throat. soft connective tissues, Muscle fibers, and recamose glands make up the fleshy lobe.

swollen uvula causes:

The common cause of swollen uvula is dryness. A dry throat because of dehydration or sleeping with opened mouth can cause uvula to get infected and swollen. Let us have the summary of swollen uvula causes:-

  • Dryness of throat
  • Hot foods and beverages that burn the uvula and cause swelling
  • Infection (mostly bacteria or virus)
  • Alcohol abuse (in some cases)
  • Any trauma to the throat
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Other respiratory tract infections

swollen uvula treatment


The treatment of uvulitis depends on its cause. The bacterial infections are treated using antibiotics. These medicines will help to kill the microorganisms.


Medical experts prescribe steroids to treat the swelling of the uvula. This is quite commonly seen where uvulitis is because of allergic condition. Steroids help to reduce inflammation, pain.

swollen uvula

Anti-allergic drugs:

Antihistamines are most common to prescribe to the condition of swelling uvula. These will help in reducing the redness and itching.


The removal of the uvula is done in extreme cases such as cancer. After surgery completed, the patient has to take extreme care to prevent infection and recurrence of the condition. The patient must follow the regimen as instructed by the surgeon.

swollen uvula remedies

These remedies are not considered as a primary treatment, herbal remedies do help in reducing the symptoms. Most of the home remedies give temporary relief but not considered as a permanent cure. It is always better to contact your personal health care provider before opting for any remedy for swollen uvula


Chewing some ice cubes help in reducing the swelling and thus relieve the symptoms of uvulitis.


Herbs like ginger, turmeric contain natural healing property of inflammation. The raw turmeric and ginger mix are one of the most effective remedies to help cure swollen uvula.

swollen uvula


Honey is another good remedy for swollen uvula. A teaspoon of honey is taken twice a day to get rid of uvulitis. It is also preferred this because honey help in neutralizing toxicity.

Herbal tea

It is made up of ginger, cloves, holy basil leaves, and black pepper help to reduce the swelling and decrease the symptoms of uvulitis

If it is due to dehydration supplying the body with electrolytes. It helps to treat this condition. Drink plenty of water and juicy fruits and vegetables as a?part of your meals.

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